How to find the best product for you:

Sizing a heat exchanger:

To size a heat exchanger in its simplest form you will need the following info below: The values used can be changed if required but the result will be the same every time; You have a hot side and a cold side, where both must work together to give a positive heat balance. Fluid medium – i.e. water, glycol, gas Outlet temp ˚ Flow rate L/s Heat dissipation normally in Kw

Inputting values into the product selector:

Here is a simple breakdown of how to use the product selector, in a few easy steps:

STEP 1 – Select the capacity in KW

Step 1

STEP 2 – Chose a fluid (Oil, gas, water)

Step 2

STEP 3 – Enter the Hot Inlet & outlet temperatures

Step 3

STEP 4 – Enter the Cool Inlet & outlet temperatures

Step 4

STEP 5 – Select both flow rates by entering a value into the boxes to the right side of the hot and cool sections. (You know you have done this correctly because the flow rate image will turn yellow to show the value you have selected

Step 5

STEP 6 – Click to search and display products which best suit your selected and inputted values

Step 6

STEP 7 – Click to Add to cart, or buy now. If you require more information, clicking the product image will take you to a page with all technical specifications, documentation and information on delivery dates, stock levels, etc.

Step 7